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What Are The Three Principles?

Mind is our intelligence.

We have a personal mind that includes all of the information we have learned.  This information is stored in our brain. We also have a universal mind that is filled with all of the information, past and present, in the universe.  This information can come to you through insights, through intuition or a knowing, by just getting quiet in your head you become aware of new knowledge.  The knowledge that we can access means that we do not have to spend hours trying to figure out solutions to problems, the answers will come to you. This lets you live with a much more peaceful mind.

Consciousness is the ability to be aware of life around you.

We can have many levels of consciousness in our everyday life.  If we think thoughts that are good for our well being and stay focused in the present moment, we raise our level or consciousness.  We should all want a high level of consciousness to live in, it gives us a much more peaceful mind.

Thought is what flows in and out of our mind.

The trouble we have is that we stop on certain thoughts and make a big deal out of them.  If we let most of our unhealthy thoughts go then we are free to have less turmoil and chatter in our heads and this leads to a much more peaceful mind. 

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