Promila Paul

Coach Profile

I have always felt that there’s more to life than what meets the eye. I associated with a lot of teachings through seminars and “gurus” to discover the meaning and purpose of life. This journey has helped me understand the 3 phases of my life:

1951-1998. The discovery and fear

1998-2006. Uncertainties and depression

2006- present. Discoveries into self. The Truth that governs us all

I am blessed to have been able to survive the clinical depression and would love to share my experience and show there is light and beauty at the end of the tunnel. And you probably don’t have to wait that long.

Pricing: 1 complementary session (for further sessions please discuss with your coach)

“I am so grateful to have Promila as my mentor and coach. With her huge heart and vast knowledge she has helped me to navigate through my thoughts, feelings and actions to make sense of it all in our ever changing world.

She has taught me to see that we are all connected and the light is in each and every one of us. Most importantly, she has helped me to discover my true beauty inside and out and my value just the way I am. What a lovely gift!”

Sharon Lange

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