Peter Adrian

Coach Profile

Peter has a passion for helping others live with a deeper sense of ease and joy. During his career as a plumber, he experienced several life-changing insights that brought about a new depth of wellbeing and affected every aspect of his life.

Having experienced first-hand something so incredibly life-changing, he chose to leave his plumbing career and instead spend his time and energy helping other people find that sense of happiness, joy, clarity, and ease within themselves.

Peter started by reaching out to the homeless. He wandered through the streets of Victoria, BC, Canada, and had insightful conversations with people living on the streets.

Since then, his practice has expanded, and he moved from personal coaching to business coaching. He helps people to see that a peaceful mind is always available, and a mind at ease has access to the fullness of our immensely profound source of creative wisdom.

Pricing: 1 complementary session (for further sessions please discuss with your coach)

“Peter is a thoughtful, skilled and creative coach. He always works to make sure all my goals are met and exceeds all expectations of our sessions! He incorporates personal and business skills, making our sessions feel truly unique, which helps me and my business ensure success. The amount of growth I have been able to see from session to session is something that is remarkable beyond words. I would highly recommend him for all your coaching needs!

Mel Sorokolit

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