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FREE Support Zoom Room for anyone in need of a listening ear

Important Note

We are not Medical or Mental Health professionals. If you need medical advice or mental health advice contact the professionals. If you need a private conversation please book an individual session with one of our coaches. If you are in crisis please contact emergency services. We are not liable for any actions you may take after the conversations in this room.

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What is it?

Experienced coaches are donating their support to anyone struggling with the current situation of uncertainty that affects all areas of life – health, relationship, work.

We’re offering a FREE group zoom room for you to drop in when you need someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to help your mind settle enough to see things more clearly, so you can tap into your resourcefulness and creativity to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

Got Questions?

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Where? On Zoom

If you are interested in participating, here are some guidelines that can make this more useful and valuable for you.

1. Take a moment to reflect on what you would like to focus on in your conversation with our coach.

2. What outcome would be great by the end of your conversation?

The zoom room is designed for group participation. Sensitive, private subjects will require booking a one on one paid session with a coach in the non-profit org. The zoom room is not for private sessions.


Please check our app (accessible from your computer or mobile device) to see when a coach is available.

PS: If you are a Three Principles based coach and would like to be a facilitator please get in touch.

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