Marnix Pauwels

Coach Profile

Marnix Pauwels is a Dutch transformative coach and author of eight books about mental health, living in Amsterdam with two cats. He has worked in advertising as a copywriter for 30 years, and has an extensive knowledge of addiction/compulsive behavior, depression and anxiety through deep personal experience.

Marnix has always been fascinated by what drives people, and especially what drives them crazy. He’s read over 5.000 books on self-development/improvement, lifehacks and spirituality, viewed thousands of videos on the subjects, and keeps on exploring the depths of the human mind and how to navigate our psychological storms with grace and respect.

As a transformative coach, Marnix helps people find a more playful and exciting and creative life, living from a clear mind and a deep trust in their personal resilience. Marnix is an aspiring world-traveler who loves to work out.

Pricing: 1 complementary session (for further sessions please discuss with your coach)

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