Anke Herrmann

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Anke Herrmann helps passion-driven solopreneurs ignite their business. She works with creatives, authors, coaches, healers & other passionate, free-spirited, open minded souls with a strong analytical mind, who are passionate about and great at their craft but find building a business around it challenging.

Anke guides them through the creative process of turning a spark of an idea into a stable business, like an architect for someone building a house, so that they can get traction with their business before the dream turns into a nightmare.

She lives in the south of Spain, is an online tech loving geek, teacher, and dressmaker. Her wisest teachers are called Leo, Cai & Hada, have four legs and a wet nose. I’m grateful they found me.

Pricing: 1 complementary session (for further sessions please discuss with your coach)

Anke reminds you of who you are and what is possible for you. That’s how I have experienced her. The first time we met doing interviews for her podcast it felt like I knew her forever. She is a wonderful, trustworthy and caring person who walks her talk. This makes it easy to connect with her, be understood and see results fast. For anyone looking to work with Anke or have her as a coach and a mentor, I would say go for it.

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