Jan Christenson

Jan Christenson


Our Story

Everyone can change their life by changing their thinking but, not everyone will do this.

If you feel significantly messed up inside and can’t seem to find a way to fix this, you may be ready to see that no matter how broken you might feel, you are never really broken and can always find your way back to inner peace.

You can always find your way back home to yourself.

I feel strongly that everyone should have a chance to hear about the 3 Principles of mind, consciousness and thought.


Main Street Project and others like them are who we’re here to support.

One population that I was concerned would have trouble accessing this information was the homeless. If they wanted a different life how would they begin to find their way there?

It became a possibility when creative thinking drew me toward developing a non-profit organization to show any homeless individual this understanding.

So I devised a plan to teach or coach corporate individuals to embrace this understanding.

With the knowledge of how to show staff the thinking that can lead to improved staff moral, less sick time and general improvement in the business world then these leaders would be interested in donating money to the non-profit org. From here I could then offer free coaching to the homeless that wanted change in their life.

The non-profit corp In Search of a Peaceful Mind was developed from here.

Our most vulnerable, homeless people in society, often feel quite hopeless. Their days are full of desperation mixed with just trying to figure out how to survive and find places to feel safe in. They experience fear, anger and rejection often.

Everyone really needs to be able to feel hope.

This organization will help the vulnerable in society find hope within themselves.

If our organization can help the homeless people find their inner resilience and find their inner love then they can start changing the choices they make. This could help take some pressure off of services like the police, paramedics and justice system.

We are very proud and humbled to do this work.