Everything Zoom Room Facilitators Need to Know

Welcome and Thank You for Offering Your Time to Facilitate Our  Support Zoom Room

You’re in the right place if you’re a Three Principles based coach and prepared to donate at least 1 hour per week of your time (on an ongoing basis until you decide to stop or we close the zoom room) to facilitate our Zoom room where coaches support to anyone struggling with the current situation of uncertainty that affects all areas of life – health, relationship, work.

Please Bookmark This Page for Future Reference!

What is it?

We’re offering a FREE group zoom room that’s open as long as it’s needed, for people to drop in when they need someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to help their mind settle enough to see things more clearly, so they can tap into their resourcefulness and creativity to tackle the challenges they’re facing.

Never Used Zoom Before?

If you haven’t used Zoom before you can find instructions here.

Where to Get Help

Please review this page carefully. If after that you still have any questions, comments or tech issues please post in our private Facebook group.

When & Where?

ZOOM LINK (always the same):


Meeting ID: 455 930 415
Password: 630637

(if you click on the link above you won’t need to enter the password)

Host key: 206747 (needed for claiming the zoom room host role, instructions below)

Start HERE: Jan Christenson About the Intention for the Support Zoom Room

Join Our Private Facebook Group for Coaches

If you haven’t already, please join our private Facebook group for coaches participating as facilitators in the Support Zoom Room.

It’s the place to connect with other coaches and to get your questions answered or leave any comments you may have.

Claim Your Time Slot(s)

Please use our App (see below) to

  • create or update your coach profile, i.e. your name and languages you’re able and willing to facilitate in
  • find available time slots and claim them
  • cancel/release your time slots
  • find someone to co-facilitate with
  • quickly access the zoom room
  • view other coaches and when they’re facilitating the zoom room

If you are unable to access or use the app please use the form below to submit your preferred time slot(s) for us to add it for you.


Adding your name to the schedule does NOT mean you’ll receive reminders. Please add the time slot to your calendar as an ongoing weekly event (until you decide to stop participating or we close the room) and find your own way to make sure you won’t forget.

How to Cancel

Booking a time slot means you’re facilitating the zoom room at that time on a weekly basis, until you cancel or we close the zoom room.

To cancel remove your name from any time slots. If you don’t want to contribute again in the future delete your profile.

If you are unable to do that please get in touch and we do it for you.

If you can’t make a specific day/time but would like to maintain your time slot please post in the Facebook group and ask for someone to take over that day.

Get the App to manage your time slots

Watch this FIRST (at the VERY least the first 3 minutes):

  • To manage your coach profile
  • To manage your time slots
  • To find the zoom room link

Install the App

Our app is accessible both, from a computer and on mobile devices.

To install the app on a mobile device (iOS or Android)

Check the instructions here (45 second video) or below

.. then tap on the link:

To use the app on a computer

It’s just like any web page.

Click on the link:


  • Please make sure you sign up for the app with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you entered when joining the Facebook group. If you’re unsure please ask.

More Info

Adding the app to your home screen on Android

Tap on the app link from your mobile device https://ispm-247-coaches.glideapp.io/

(NOTE: If after following the steps below the app doesn’t appear on your home screen swipe up to view all apps installed on the device, from there tap and hold the icon to add it to the home screen)

Installing app on mobile Android

Adding the app to your home screen on iOS

Tap on the app link from your mobile device https://ispm-247-coaches.glideapp.io/

Scanning the QR Code

Instead of tapping on the app link you can scan the QR code

installing app scanning QR codes

If you're unable to use the App submit your desired time slots here

4 + 14 =

Never Used Zoom Before?

Find instructions here.

Never Hosted a Zoom Call Before?

What to Do in the Zoom Room and Other Questions Answered

How to Become the Zoom Room Host

During the time you’re facilitating the zoom room it makes sense for you to be the host. It gives you access to the controls that help you facilitate the call (i.e. mute everyone, grant recording rights, remove someone from the call)

When nobody is currently the host (e.g. when the slot before you is empty)

Click on Participants => Claim Host (bottom right corner of the screen) => enter Host Key 206747

To hand over the host role to someone else (when you’re the host and about to leave the call)

In Gallery view (switch Speaker and Gallery view in the top right corner of the screen) move your mouse over the image of the person you want to make host

=> click on the blue sqare with 3 dots … to access the dropdown menu

=> choose “Make Host”


Click on Participants

=> hover over the name of the person you want to make host

=> More => Make Host

How to Invite Other Three Principles Coaches to Contribute

If you know other Three Principles coaches who might be interested in contributing please invite them to join our private Facebook group.

Please DON’T use the “Invite” button in the Facebook group. If people receive an invitation without context they feel spammed and aren’t likely to want to join.

A better way to invite 3 P coaches is to send them a direct message or email, along the lines of

“The fabulous Jan Christenson is organizing a zoom room to support anyone struggling with the current situation. 

We’re looking for more 3 Principles based coaches to donate 1 hour a week to facilitate and host the zoom room.

If you’d like to participate please join this group for coaches.


Any questions please ask.”

How to Invite People Interested In Using the Service

To invite people to use the support zoom room please share this link with them: https://insearchofapeacefulmind.ca/peace-room

Another Option: For Frontline Workers

To download the image ..

Right mouse click => save image as ..

or click here.

To download the image ..

Right mouse click => save image as ..

or click here.

Suggested Social Media Post

Share as is or adapt

If you are a health care worker on the front lines, and if you or anyone you know is at or nearing burnout, feeling stressed, overworked, not spending enough time with your loved ones, and taking care of family members who are unemployed or dealing with health issues. Please keep reading.

A group of wonderful coaches are donating time to offer support to anyone in need of a listening ear to help deal with the current situation.

It’s free for anyone.

So please pop in when you need someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to help your mind settle enough to see things more clearly, so you c
an tap into your resourcefulness and creativity to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

🤩.. and please go ahead and share with others.

Find all the details here: https://insearchofapeacefulmind.ca/peace-room/

Got Questions?

Send us a message or post in the Facebook group.